About Us

Glaukias Shpk Technology is a young and dynamic Company born from the experience in the coffee industry of about 16 years of one of the owners, who has transferred his know-how from Italy to Albania.

Today Albania offers a combination between costs of work/ taxation, which is significantly more favorable than in other Countries, making possible an increase in the quality of the final product, in relation to a sale price more competitive.

The force and the preparation of all the Team, also makes a priority of the attention to details and to the Italian style, that our work still manages to communicate in different parts of the world.

Glaukias Technology Sh.p.k. restores professional Italian espresso machines, supporting the entire production process with detailed photos as well as movies with the tests carried out. We spend quality time perfecting our offerings, because we understand it’s not always an option to buy a brand new machine, this is why we endeavour to offer the top branded machines on the world market in a recondition state with new service attached. We want every business succeed, small, medium and large in the coffee industry, we know the right machine is critical... Thus our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

As our Clients know from the past, each machine is numbered with a code that specifically outlines the characteristics and its processing steps, to make the purchase specific code on the same product seen and desired by the Buyer.

The Company in fact has an history of over 10 years selling online, with telephone support, email and chat before and after sales services, with strict criteria for reliability and transparency to the Clients who, always more, do appreciate the philosophy and professionalism.